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Innovating in multiple domains to creatively expand possibilities in the cannabis industry, specializing in: branding, technology, cultivation, distribution, packaging, and extraction.


Coastal Leaders

Genesis represents a re-birth of cannabis in an entirely new form; through our unique lens. We stand as a paragon in our industry, and aim to be among the best cannabis flower producers in California and the World using cutting-edge technology, inventive workflows, and modern practices.

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Our Domains

We like to think that we’ve reinvented what it means to be a marijuana company in this modern age. Our interesting brands of cannabis products all over California dispensaries reflect the brilliant diversity of our cannabis operations.



Genesis is home to the finest cannabis cultivation practices in California. Our farms are climate controlled, automated, and employ a state-of-the-art methods and means of producing cannabis. Our research into the world of marijuana has enabled us to successfully redefine cannabis cultivation and create our most prestigious products.


Our wealth of highly demanded cannabis brands are available to a variety of marijuana dispensaries across borders. We permeate the global cannabis sphere with our luxury brands and our badge of cannabis cultivating excellence.


Genesis exemplifies professionalism, precision, excellence, and profound care to produce unrivaled marijuana products beyond the realm of normality. Every bit of the manufacturing process is a display of our extensive experience, intense research, and unparalleled precision. We stand to raise the rhythm of life with the inspiration derived from our luxury cannabis flower and products.

branding & marketing

Beyond the attention on our product, we also strive to create a visually captivating representations of our brand. We do not strive to just be on the line with the best cannabis brands, we strive for that golden spot at the top of the headlines. Our brands are engaging, trustworthy and emotionally appealing. We’re truly the pinnacle of luxury cannabis in all forms.


Our Projects

Our projects at Genesis are left to be evaluated by public acceptance. We have been able to achieve popularity and acceptance with our aberrant brands, and set standards for cannabis production. The way we have defined and branded our cannabis is the sole reason for this acceptance and popularity. Throughout intensive research projects, we have been able to come up with top-tier products which are a delight to partnering brands and our ever satisfied customers.



cannabis brands

Our brand portfolio boasts product-
types including luxury cannabis flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, & more.



operational facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities house
our cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, & distribution.



operational retail locations

We currently have 2 proud retail locations in our portfolio with high foot traffic, curb appeal, & brand value.


march 2019

We couldn’t be more excited now that we’re fully operational. There have been a lot of major moving pieces and they’re finally coming together. Our team has put a lot of hard work in this operation.

Dimitry M / Chief Operations Officer



Work with Us

Genesis is open to working with new, amazing minds who have revolutionary ideas on how to explore uncharted territories in the cannabis industry. If you are greatly enthusiastic about being a member of our team, we are open and willing to take you in. Contact us today.


partnerships & vendors

We are open to great partnerships on any level, and we are willing to expand our network of associates. We are accessible and our communication lines are always open

investment opportunities

Considering the potentials and promises that are inherent in the cannabis industry, Genesis is a great opportunity for business-savvy, futuristic investors. Get started with us today.

employment opportunities

We are open at Genesis to individuals who are original thinkers and innovative in almost any aspect of our operation.